How Long Do Farm Fresh Eggs Last?

How Long Do Farm Fresh Eggs Last?

One of the key benefits of purchasing farm-fresh eggs is their longer shelf life. Farm-fresh eggs get to your door sooner than grocery store eggs. With the added protection of bloom, farm-fresh eggs can last for three to six months.

Are Farm-fresh Eggs Dirty?

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Farm-fresh eggs aren't typically dirty, but can be in less than optimal laying conditions. Our hens always have fresh straw to lie in, ensuring eggs are clean after laying. Any mucky eggs are cleaned or not sold.

What is Bloom?

Bloom is a protective coating that stops bacteria from entering the egg. Bloom allows eggs to be kept at room temperature, as long as they aren't washed or refrigerated. Unwashed eggs can be kept at room temperature for about two weeks.
Eggs last much longer when refrigerated — about three months or longer when stored in optimal conditions. After an egg is refrigerated, it must be stored chilled for the remainder of its shelf life. If an egg returns to room temperature after being chilled, it can sweat, allowing bacteria to enter the pores of the egg.
You may wonder if it's a good idea to wash the bloom off your eggs. Bloom is a protective layer for the egg and nothing to worry about washing off. If you choose to wash your eggs, you will reduce their shelf life and they will require refrigeration. Commercially sold eggs are washed in order to maintain clean egg standards amid dirty laying conditions. As a result, most eggs you buy in the grocery store have a substantially shorter shelf life.

Where Should I Store Farm-fresh Eggs?

The front of your refrigerator doesn't full chill if you open the door frequently. Keep your eggs in the center of the fridge where the temperature is most stable. While eggs can be stored in the containers you buy them in, you can also refill a plastic or ceramic tray. Keep in mind that you'll want to use the oldest eggs first, so make sure you have a storage solution that makes it easy to tell which eggs to use when.
The best temperature to store your eggs at is 45 °F. Storing this way will maximize storage time.

What's the Best Way to Use Old Eggs?

Omelettes, fried eggs, and scrambles showcase the egg and are best for your freshest eggs. Baked dishes like muffins, breads, or pancakes are great ways to use older eggs in a dish where they won't be front and center.

Do Farm-fresh Eggs Go Bad?

Yes! Just like eggs from the grocery store, farm-fresh eggs ultimately go bad when the inner egg has dried out too much. Farm-fresh eggs that have not been washed and have been kept refrigerated will last up to six months in optimal conditions.
From fried eggs to scrambled eggs, sweet and savory crepes, we don't see how your eggs will last that long! Get your farm-fresh eggs delivered from our Walsenburg, Colorado farm monthly. Now delivering to city-residents of Walsenburg and La Veta.
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