Meet the Walsenburg, Colorado Chickens

walsenburg colorado hens

Our laying flock includes two Orpington, one Rhode Island Red, one Plymouth Rock, and two Faverolle hens. A Leghorn Rooster protects the flock.

Our flock is growing! 

walsenburg colorado chicks

Six Buff Orpingtons, two Easter Eggers and and an ISA Brown Chick joined our flock earlier this year and will begin laying later this fall. Hens lay their first egg at thirty weeks old, then typically stop laying for a few weeks around eighteen months old while molting.


The flock is well-fed to support healthy egg production. The hens’ diet is supplemented with protein and omega 3. The flock drinks clean, potable water.


Depending on the season, chickens have access to shade, shelter, heat, and supplemental light to regulate their temperature.

Our chickens are protected from predators and inclement weather. The range is predator protected with electric and traditional fencing, and the flock is further protected from areal predators. Our hens are also protected by a cheeky rooster, Pidgy.

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